Sunday, November 4, 2018

DIY Custom Original Xbox Jewels

Console: Microsoft Xbox (Original)
Genre(s): Modifications
Difficulty: Easy

I recently started getting into messing with OG Xboxs. After completing TSOP and modding the internals to a point I was happy, I started looking at the case and what different options we had as far as jewels go. Only to find that we were pretty limited.

The 2 main options I was able to find were; customizing the original jewel or buying some really nice laser etched pieces. While both are great options, I wanted to find a way where anyone could really make anything design they wanted. The original jewel was a hard plastic piece and would not be cheap to replicate on small scale, but they do look remarkably similar to 3D domed decals. Now the quality/price can vary drastically on such decals and typically most companies require a good size lot to be ordered or prices can make this a less ideal route. Also you want something that looks good and can handle some abuse over the years to come and wont fade due to uv or just age. The best match for this I thought might be some Automotive Wheel Center Cap Badges. These are commonly sold in just about every size you can image. Here are the steps to get your own made at a reasonable price and fantastic quality. The only downside is you must order 4 at a time ($15.99 USD for 4). But If you are happy with the design then trade or sell off the other 3 you have.

Step 1: If you do not have any graphic design software such as Photoshop/Illustrator I recommend downloading freeware software called Inkscape. Link below:

Step 2: Create your jewel image in a circular design 67mm in diameter (the original jewel is a bit larger but I found this to be a good size for mine.) Once the design is created group it as one object. Make sure the design is 67mm x 67mm and locked in this size. Then once you are happy with the design go ahead and export it or save it as a .pdf file (you can use other formats I am sure, but this is what I have done each time and it came out great, so only advising this based on what I know has worked well for me).

Step 3: Open the pdf version of your design in browser or pdf viewer and check it out, make sure it all looks good and the saved file is what you want your final jewel to look like.

Step 4: Head over to Here you will get the instructions on submitting your 67mm design. Once you submit your email you will get a response similar to the example seen below:


Yes, we can make such stickers.

Please take a look on the picture below... (they will reference your design)

Manufacturing time - 3 days.

The price for set of stickers (4 pcs) 67mm- $15.99

Please use that link to make an order: "

They will also mention to put the name of the file you attached in your original email to them in your order in the notes section. That way they tie your submitted design to your custom order.

Step 5: Pay the kind people for the order and patiently wait about a week for them to arrive!


**If you are not feeling like making your own designs currently but want to see some examples of what you can do, here are some designs I have made that are free for everyone in the community to use and abuse. They are already in pdf form and are ready to be ordered.

Megaman Jewel -

Servbot Jewel -

Mode6 Indigo Jewel -

Totoro Jewel -

Mountain Dew Code Red -

I hope you are all able to to use this method and expand on it! If you have any ideas for designs you would like to see created or want to show off your own you made please feel free to hit us up in the comments down below!

If enough people are interested, I will attempt another write up on making your own custom OG xbox controller using og xbox/360/one parts. I have been meaning to do this for some time but need to start another from scratch so I can properly document each step. Here is a pic to give you an idea:

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