Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tanglewood on Kickstarter

Console: SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive
Genre(s): Platformer
Players: 1
Creator: Matt Phillips
Release: Winter 2017

Let's set the tone a little bit. Imagine a cute, cuddly fox-like creature carelessly jumping through the trees in a world packed full of mystery, intrigue, and colorful little fur-balls known as “Fuzzls”. Oh, yeah, and hideous beasts in search of their next meal and ready to turn you into a fur coat. Welcome to the wonderful world of Tanglewood.

Tanglewood is a new original title currently in development for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive and is currently on Kickstarter trying to get the necessary funds to finish, what could be, an incredible gem. This 2d platformer/quasi puzzler has you take control of Nymn, a shy, underground dwelling diurnal creature who's been separated from his pack and completely out of his element on a quest to reunite with his family all while trying not to be turned into fox-stew (he's not actually a fox, but of the species called the Djunn. Either way, PETA's not going to be happy about this).

So what about these monsters that are seemingly always hungry? Well from the sounds of it, there are plenty of them planned, however, you currently only encounter the species known as the Djakk. Expert trackers and an insatiable hunger for Djunn, these fast moving beasts are a constant threat to Nymn and one of the reasons why little fuzzy balls are so important to have around at all times.

Meet the Fuzzls. Colorful little fuzzy ball creatures typically lost in the trees somewhere that just want to find a way back to their nests. Equipped with only eyeballs, it's actually incredible how they seem to wander so far from their nests in the first place. But that's neither here nor there, what's important is that you find these little dudes and return them to their safe space. In return, they'll temporarily lend you their color and, more importantly, the ability that's associated with it. You get to experience two of these abilities in the demo such as glide and slow time, which are imperative to completing the level. And I'm sure many more of these abilities are in the works.

One of my favorite features of this game is not even a part of the actual gameplay. It's how the game is being developed. Matt Phillips (Creator) is using the original SEGA development tools down to the original raw 68000 assembly language. Here's a snippet from Matt and another reason why we're so excited for the development of this game: “It's important to us that Tanglewood is as authentic a Mega Drive game as possible. We're aiming to ensure that its journey closely matches that of original SEGA games, from the design methods, to the development hardware, all the way through to the materials and processes used to manufacture the cartridge, box and manual.”

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