Friday, November 20, 2015

Pokemon's 20th Celebrated With 3DS Virtual Console Release

Well Pokemon fans, it’s finally happening. Nintendo will be releasing our beloved Pokemon games for the 3DS Virtual Console. That’s right, on February 27, 2016, which also happens to be the 20th anniversary of this incredible series, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow will finally grace our presence on the 3DS.

It’s hard to believe, and an unfortunate reminder, that it’s been 20 years since the Pokemon series was first released for the Nintendo Game Boy. I distinctly recall firing up Pokemon Red on my Atomic Purple Game Boy Color and saying goodbye to the outside world for weeks. It was at this time that Professor Oak presented me with the most important decision of my life:  

Fortunately for us, we get to relive those amazing days all over again! The Virtual Console versions will stay true to the original game down to the monochromatic graphics, 4-bit sound, and even the original Pokemon trading system, however, instead of using the link cable, the game will incorporate wireless trading between you and your buddies 3DS. Make sure to mark this date on your calendar because this is one Virtual Console release you are not gonna want to miss!

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