Sunday, July 19, 2015

Collector Bits: Harvest Moon SNES

Ever dream of becoming a farmer? Have you ever longed to wake up at the crack of dawn every morning to care crops, feed your chickens, and milk your cow? Well look no further, this game was made for you! And even if you have no desire to do any of the stuff I mentioned above, this game is still for you. Over the years, Harvest Moon has managed to establish one of the strongest cult followings of any series.

Harvest Moon for the SNES is the one that kicked off this incredibly addicting farming SIM/RPG franchise. Players have the opportunity to take on the life of a young farmer that needs to work his grandfathers old farm in order to survive. Plant seeds, care for your livestock, and eventually find a wife to share in the joys of this magical farming life. You will work day and night in order to restore your families farm. Sounds incredible, right? Well, it is!

The game was originally developed by Amccus and released in Japan August 9, 1996 by Pack-In Video. It wasn't until almost a year later in June of 1997 that it was released to the U.S by Natsume. The game was again released in 1998 to the European market. The NTSC version of this game has seen an amazing rise in value and desirability over the past few years with an average price of around $250 - $350 in 2015. I have seen this game NIB for sale for $3,000 (not a typo). The game is considered to be rare and increasingly harder to find every year. If that is a bit outside of your price range, you can find a Super Famicom version of the game fairly reasonably at around $40, however, I wouldn't recommend this unless you are fluent in Japanese. You can also find this game on the Wii U Virtual Console for around $8 to download.

Pricing 2015
$350 - $400

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