Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekly Haul Report: A Neo Geo Weekend

Well retro fans we're back with another entry to the Weekly Haul Report! For those keeping score, we ended up skipping last week due to a lack of worthy entries. Even though our haul last week was pretty abysmal, we kept at it and came away with a decent score. It seems as though our Neo Geo Pocket collections keep growing. After I saw Alex's Neo Geo Pocket Color I instantly fell in love with it. The joystick is very solid, the screen is great and the physical dimensions actually fit full sized human hands! I had to get me one. So, I went hunting.

After scouring the internet for days looking for the “right deal” and searching within the local stores (good luck with that one), I was starting to get a little frustrated. I finally came across this beauty on eBay with a “Make and offer” button staring back at me. I took a good long look at the pictures and it indeed look incredibly clean, not a scratch on it! Also was mentioned to be in perfect working condition and it came with six games. So, I took a chance and gave the seller an offer that was well below asking. After a couple counters back and forth, we finally settled on an amount we were both happy with. It was the best “Make an offer” experience I have encountered on eBay. Not because I felt like I got a good deal, but more for the fact that a lot of sellers put a “Make an offer” option up and only accept an offer that is just a few cents less than what they are asking! Why?! This option is meant for negotiating. Let's do it right! Sorry for the rant, but it's just annoying seeing that and really is just a waste of time. Anyways, here is my new baby!

Neo Geo Pocket Color

The Games (with cases):

Metal Slug: 2nd Mission
Metal Slug: 1st Mission
Pocket Tennis Color
Baseball Stars Color
Dark Arms Beast Buster 1999

The Neo Geo Pocket Color is quickly becoming a favorite here at SuperRetroBros. No doubt we'll be sharing some more NGP finds with you in the near future. If anyone else is a Neo Geo Pocket fan out there, let us know! We always love hearing from those who share the same obsessions. 

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