Thursday, March 12, 2015

Weekly Haul Report: March 2, 2015 - March 8, 2015

Hey everyone we're back again with another addition to the Weekly Haul Reports. Unfortunately, it was a little quieter this week on the front lines, but the last couple weeks have been a bit of an oddity. We are just spoiled now! Between the two of us, we traveled to a lot of different stores. Some old, some new. But for the most part we struck out. I almost pulled the trigger on a Super Mario World for SNES, but ultimately decided the price was a bit too steep for me. Are they catching on? Do they know? It seems as though some these stores have discovered the "Internet" and are beginning to mark up their prices accordingly. Anyways... Though our take wasn't huge, it was pretty sweet. Let's get to it...

This PlayStation 1 game I found at a local thrift store sandwiched between Madonna and Hanson in the music section. I felt really bad for it...

Quake II

I also picked up these little beauties on eBay! One of them being one of my favorite Game Boy Color games, Harvest Moon 2. Got these for only a few bucks and they all work great! Very happy with this find.

Disney's Tarzan
Harvest Moon 2
Warriors of Might and Magic

Like I said earlier it was kind of a slow week for us, but we are gonna keep hunting and hope we come across some more awesome finds! As always, use the comments below and let us know your latest and greatest finds!

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