Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weekly Haul Report: March 16, 2015 - March 22, 2015

Good morning fellow retro aficionados! This last weeks game hunting was a little weak to be honest, but after the last couple weeks of great luck I really did not expect too much. Sadly the local thrift stores were desolate wastelands filled only by hand me down sweatshirts and unique coffee mugs (probably due to people like us), so we ended up doing some hunting at our favorite overly inflated marketplace, eBay.

Much to our surprise we actually were able to come upon some good deals below the normal selling prices on eBay. This was mainly due to staying up at all hours of the night and early morning hoping to land that good deal. Without further ado, here is what we were able to reel in.

My favorite find of this past week has to be this Neo Geo Pocket Color. I have always wanted one but for one reason or another never dedicated to actually purchasing one. It is amazing! The joystick is awesome, graphics are crisp, and sound is great! The Sonic game it came with is incredible and I will definitely be doing an article on that later. .I only wish this console saw more releases in its time!

Pardon the dust on the screen, didn't notice it till after I took picture. Would have taken another but already late for work...blah blah excuses I know.

The next purchase was this gem of a N64 racing game. City Tour Grand Prix, the Japanese region version of GT64. Why would I pay money for that you ask? It has a couple real world tracks exclusive only to the Japanese version and is based off real cars and drivers from the JGTC racing circuit in Japan, which we are huge fans of. This and GT64 are good enjoyable racers on a system that saw practically not simulation style racing games. Well worth picking up if you can get it for cheap.

For the Japanese Famicom system we obtained this Datach Joint Rom System, which came with a Dragonball Z fighting game and the complete deck of cards to swipe through the Joint Rom System to power up your Z Fighters during battle. I had only just recently learned of these card assisted third party games for Famicom, so once we found one at the right pirce it was a done deal.

Now we just need a Famicom...

Last but not least is this lovely Super Game Boy 2! Found in the Electronics/ GPS section of eBay at a ridiculously low price, it was basically a steal . I feel dirty, yet accomplished. What makes it so much better than the original Super Game Boy? Not a damn thing! But its transparent blue, has a link port for Pokemon, which we will more than likely never end up using, and features its very own Power LED... Also the new firmware on the Super Game Boy 2 featured 5 new borders for your Game Boy games when played on it.

This last week was a strike out at the local stores, but some good deals can still be found online if you know where to look and exhibit some patience. Hopefully this week will prove to be a little better for us and our fellow treasure hunters. Thanks for reading and once again we would love to hear from you on any of your recent pickups! Don't be afraid, drop us a comment in the section below!

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