Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tastes Like Retro: Super Smash Land

Console: PC (Windows)
Genre(s): Fighting/Action/De-make
Players: 4!
Developer: Dan Fornace
Released: 2011

While we are obviously huge fans of retro console gaming here at SRB, we simply cannot deny the sheer number of great "Retro Style" games released on platforms other than our beloved retro consoles. In this article and ones to follow we will be taking a look at some of these brilliant gems in our "Tastes Like Retro" Articles.  To start it off I am posting a game that holds a permanent place on my desktop. It is a fan made de-make of one of the best games in recent history. From the very talented Indie Developer Dan Fornace, I present you with Super Smash Land!

Super Smash Land is an entirely free to play PC Game that looks and plays like Super Smash Brothers would if it was officially ported to Nintendo's original Game Boy. With a small but great character roster, beautifully designed levels, amazing music, and a simple pick up and play control scheme it is a title that should not be missed by any fan of the series.

Gameplay follows the same path that it did on the original Smash Bros with the exception missing bonus stages in between battles.  You pick your character and then face off against each combatant until all characters have been defeated. The graphics in this game are spectacular and leave nothing to be desired. The game is much smoother than what could actually be accomplished by the old Game Boy hardware but the feeling of that experience still remains intact. Many of your favorite stages from the Smash Bros games are here, and some additional stages that are very well executed.

The Music in this game was done by two individuals. Inversephase, also known as Brendan Becker was responsible for the normal stage music, and flashygoodness created the music for the hidden stages. In both cases the music is EXTREMELY well done and is a beautifully crafted work of art on its own. In some games it is hard to notice the work that went into the music. This is NOT one of those games. Props to both of you for your work on this game.

As I mentioned earlier the controls for Super Smash Land are very simple and easy to pick up in a matter of seconds. Dan did a great job at implementing many of the original moves and control layouts while also taking some creative liberties to make it all work as one would expect a Smash Bros get to work. Attacks and Jumping is all controlled with two buttons, but much like the official games pressing a directional button while hitting one of your attack/jump button will result in a different move. Here are the default controls:

Arrow Keys will control your characters movement 
Z is your A Button
X is your B Button
Enter is Start

*Controls can be changed in the Options Menu. I would suggest downloading the free Joy2Key software for better control and usage of controllers such as a Xbox 360 Controller. This really makes the experience even better!

Super Smash land is by no means a new indie title and many of you may have already seen or played this game yourself by now, but I feel that it is such a solid entry to our new articles that it could not be dismissed. Many thanks go out to all that were involved with the creation of this great game and for the time you dedicated to bring it to us. Thanks for reading fellow game junkies, and please do not hesitate to let us know what you think of this game in the comments below!

Super Smash Land Official Site: http://www.supersmashland.com/
Links to some of Dan Fornace's other work: http://www.danfornace.com/
More work by Inversephase can be found at: http://inversephase.bandcamp.com/
More work by Flashygoodness can be found at: http://flashygoodness.com/
Joy2Key Offical Site (Free Download): http://joytokey.net/en/

Bonus Pics:


  1. This will be the best Super Smash series, i love retro and i love your blog keep going :)

    1. Thank you very much Abdellah. We appreciate your support!


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