Monday, March 16, 2015

Bloody Monday!! on Kickstarter

While browsing through one of our most beloved sites for discovering new “retro-esque” projects (Kickstarter), we came across this beautiful looking game by Aftertype Games, Bloody Monday!!. Look, we know that SRB is primarily a retro gaming site, however, we are also huge fans of all things anime, indie, and art. Bloody Monday!! crosses all those things off the list and then some. Aftertype Games is seeking a mere $80,000 USD to finish this game and once you see (and hear) what they have already been able to accomplish, that figure should not be out of reach.

Bloody Monday!! is an action/comedy SRPG that has just about everything you could ask for from a game. Amazing hand drawn illustrations, an original soundtrack, and beautiful 2d sprites set within the incredibly vivid world of Pyschoreality (“The Psychoreality is the universal plane of all multiverses where bad emotions across all dimensions pile up, the collective emotional dust bin of all the parallel universes”).

While the world of Pyschoreality sounds utterly insane, the character lineup will take it to the next level. These include a Space Commander, a Space Lieutenant, a Native Psychocitizen, a Peruvian Adventuress, a Man With 50 Cancers, and various Psychoreality Overseers (More info on these characters on their page). All of which seem to have their own unique attacks and specials.

Just like everything else with this game, the original soundtrack is being composed in-house by their very own musicians (Sable and Jace) and so far it sounds awesome. Has a very retro, upbeat feel to it. I totally dig it.

A couple very cool things that stood out to me while reading through their campaign. 1. They have 4 different language options to choose from, including an option to have both Japanese and English displayed on the screen at the same during dialogue. A super cool feature, especially for those working on their Japanese. Which also makes this not only a sick and twisted joy ride of emotion, but an educational one as well. 2. This is definitely the thing that stood out to me the most, they are doing EVERYTHING themselves and refuse to outsource anything. That's right, Aftertype Games has done every bit of the development of this game including the programming (which is from scratch), artwork, music, story...everything. Just pure awesomeness.

So to sum it all up, I am really looking forward to this game and personally cannot wait for it to be released. I really hope all of you take the time to head over to their Kickstarter page or even their website and read through what they have created. Even if this game does not sound like a game for you, I encourage you to at least go check out some of their amazing artwork.

Kickstarter Page

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