Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekly Haul Report: February 15, 2015 – February 22, 2015

We here at Super Retro Bros are not only huge fans of playing retro games, but we are also avid collectors as well. We are always out looking for the next big find or simply games that just look like a blast to play. Unfortunately, we don't hit home runs every time we go out game hunting. In fact, it seems as though the finds are becoming harder and harder to come by. This, however, makes all the good finds taste that much sweeter. Super Retro Bros would like to introduce to you our Weekly Haul Reports, where we will bring to you our game hauls from the week. We hope you enjoy our first haul report and let us know about your own gaming hauls in the comments!

As I was out running the typical weekend errands, I decided to make a couple stops at some local thrift stores. Typically they don't really turn out as good as I would always hope, but this stop was a bit different. They actually had some good titles! So, I snatched them up as soon as I could. The first stop netted me these awesome games:

Leaving the first store on a high note, I decided to ride this high and check some of the other shops. Unfortunately, my next two stops netted me nothing. Now it was getting a bit late in the day so I decided I would try one last shop. After about 20 minutes of digging through all the CDs and electronics, I was about to give up. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a small, plastic tub tucked away in a corner on a top shelf with cd sleeves sticking out of the top of it. Jackpot! I quickly ran over and starting thumbing through the tub to find these great titles:

Haul List: 
GTA 2 "Collectors' Edition" - PS1
007 Tomorrow Never Dies "Collectors' Edition" - PS1
Syphon Filter - PS1
Vigilante 8 - PS1
Theme Park - PS1
Namco Museum - PS2
Gran Turismo - PS2
Ratchet and Clank Up Your Aresenal - PS2
Jak II - PS2
Star Wars Battlefront II - PS2

Overall, it was a good day. Not the rarest of games you will ever see, but I am not complaining! Hopefully, we will have some great finds to share with you next week! Happy hunting!

Post your own haul reports and experiences in the comments below! We are always interested in hearing about your awesome finds!

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