Thursday, February 12, 2015

*Teaser* SuperRetroBros Custom N64 - Auction coming soon!

Hey everybody! As you can see the ADHD has not released me from its cruel grasp just yet, this time the willing victim was a N64 unit I picked up at a local garage sale. This console started life as a standard grey console, but as you can see that didn't last long. After tearing it apart and cleaning it up, we gave it the full SRB luxury treatment. Custom N64 consoles are nothing new, but most are either variations of rattle can paint jobs, or large vinyl decals that have been plastered on like it was a teenagers Mazda Miata. We wanted to create a console that the fully grown man child would be proud to display in his place of residence. I'm hoping we hit that mark. It is almost finished and will be up for sale soon, let us know what you think! Mods listed below...

Current Mods:

-Region Mod to inner cart slot
-Custom Wood /Silver Paint Job with many clear coats
-Color changing LED and back-lit N64 Logo (9 colors I believe in all)
-A couple clear Atomic N64 parts added
-Black cart slot flaps from Atomic console
-Official Nintendo Ram Expansion
-Custom Wood/Silver Controller

*No overclocking here because we wanted to maintain factory functionality.

Bonus Pictures


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