Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SuperRetroBros Custom Virtual Boy Visor on Ebay!

Console: Nintendo Virtual Boy
Part: Eye Visor Only, No plastic frame
Materials Used: Black Quilted Fabric w/Red Micro Suede
Quantity Available: 1

Hey everyone, though we have yet to show it, we are huge fans of all things Virtual Boy here at SRB. Recently I had been in the market for some replacement parts for a unit I had been working on. Only to find out that shysters are asking anywhere from 40-100+ for used/questionable foam Virtual Boy Visors on Ebay. Lets face it, the stock foam pieces were junk. They are pretty much guaranteed to fall apart with time, and look pretty awful. Sadly, no one currently offers any kind of replacement. So for the last few days I have been messing around with different patterns and fabrics so that we could start making our own replacement options available to everyone. This is our first production Visor made now that we have a solid pattern down. I am putting it up on ebay starting at 25 dollars. If this visor generates enough interest then we will look into making more in the future. Check the ebay link for more pictures. Thanks for reading and Happy Bidding!


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