Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sega Genesis Essential Imports: Dyna Brothers

Console: Mega Drive
Genre(s): Strategy

Players: 1
Developer: CRI
Released: 1992

Dyna Brothers is a strategy game created by CRI in 1992. It was released exclusively for the Sega Mega Drive and was only available to the JP market. Unfortunately, there isn't an English translation for this game yet, however, the game is completely playable without it. Dyna Brothers is your typical dinosaurs
vs. aliens RTS where you (the dinosaurs) need to eat all the aliens on the map before they (the aliens) eat all of your dinosaurs.
You start each map with nothing but an egg generator thing that does nothing but spit out dinosaur eggs of your choice. The aliens' UFO serves the same purpose on the other end of the map. Eventually the eggs will hatch, if they are not eaten first by aliens or your very own hungry dinosaurs, and become fully grown dinos that will contribute to your dino community by using their natural abilities. Typically you will start each map by breeding a bunch of herbivores to start consuming the surrounding vegetation. As the herbivores eat they generate an in-game currency that is used to purchase new eggs of your choice. You also have a few tools at your disposal that include the ability to create small disasters on the map, make it rain to help regrow depleting vegetation, and the ability to influence the dinosaurs as to where they travel on the map or who to attack. As you would expect, the game gets increasingly more difficult as you progress through the stages.

This game is truly a fun game to play with a very small learning curve. After a few minutes of figuring out the controls and familiarizing yourself with the differences between dinosaurs breeds, you'll be eating aliens like a champ. This is one of those titles that will draw you in with those cute little dinosaurs and keep you hooked for hours. Add Dyna Brothers to the Mega Drive Essential Imports list and you won't be disappointed. Thanks for reading and happy alien hunting!

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