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Retro Gaming Art of Etsy (Part 1)

For many fans of gaming, owning and playing the games is not enough. Certain games inspire our creativity, and get us to seek out new ways of exploring and expressing our appreciation for them. This often takes form in clothing, accessories, art, or even toys. Here at Super Retro Bros we are no different and often find ourselves scouring the web for interesting new ideas based on these old classics. A great place to locate such things is a site called Etsy (look into it). Today I would like to share with you some of the Art that has recently found its way onto my Etsy "Favorites List". Keep in mind most, if not all of these items are available in extremely limited quantities. Many pieces are one-offs. If you see one you like, pick it up before its gone for good. Let us know in your favorites below in the comment section!

Artist: Crunchy Ice Cream

Title: Game Bestiary Skulls Canvas Print Triptych

Artists Description: "Skull study pop piece of Pikachu, Bowser, and Chocobo!"
 Set of 3 12x12 in Canvas prints
"Limited print, only one set of canvas prints! They are available to be purchased separately."

Price: $200.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Los Angeles, CA

Item Link:

Artist: GeeksWithWood

Title: A Nintendo shaped and inspired bottom base for a coffee table that is unique and functional

Artists Description: A unique piece of furniture based off of the renowned gaming system, Nintendo. This base of a table is a great addition to a dorm room, bedroom, game room etc. For all you fellow gamers out there this will be sure to add some pizzazz to your room and make your friends jealous. The table is 18x18x18 made out of MDF with a laminated top.

You can buy the glass piece separately

Price: $125.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Item Link:

Artist: MidianCraftworks

Title: Zelda Triforce Table Lamp - Green & Yellow Stained Glass - Custom Colors Available

Artist's Description: This Triforce lamp is sure to instill you with courage, wisdom and power!
Ok, I make no guarantees about that. It would sure look good while you're playing though!
This Triforce table lamp is composed of green and yellow wispy stained glass and looks great all aglow.

Each piece of Spectrum glass is cut by hand. After the glass is cut, the edges are ground down and each piece gets wrapped in copper foil. I then solder the pieces together and frame the lamp out in zinc. After the piece is cleaned, black patina is applied and I then give the lamp a nice waxing to polish the metal and make the glass shine! *I now default to black patina for the solder finish*

The lamp measures about 6.5 inches on each side and is 3 inches deep.

Included is a small wooden base, 6 foot lamp cord with a candelabra snap-in socket, and rocker switch. 40 watt bulbs are the maximum recommended.

Don't forget, this lamp is made to order! It will usually ship 1-2 weeks from sale.

Due to the variations in every sheet of glass, no two lamps are exactly alike.

Price: $75.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Houston, Texas

Item Link:

Artist: TheDailyRobot

Title: Mega Buster LED Light Art

Artists Description: This is a really cool item! After lots of experimenting with laser engraving and LED lighting I'm now offering awesome edge-lit laser-etched light pieces like this one! Be as excited about this as I am!

A detailed and intricate schematic of Mega Man's iconic arm cannon seemingly floats in mid-air, glowing a bright blue, much like the Bomber himself when charged up and ready to fire. This effect (which isn't adequately conveyed in photos) is achieved by laser etching a piece of clear acrylic and placing it behind another identical non-etched sheet, seemingly suspending the design in mid-air.

The design is framed in glossy blue acrylic, and sits on top of a similar sheet. The piece measures approximately 6" by 8" and its illumination comes from a strip of blue LED's that are attached to the etched surface. The LED strip's cord exits from the bottom left of the piece, and a standard AC power source with a black 6 foot cord is included.

This piece stands on its own, and it can also be hung like a framed picture with a wire (included upon request). Please specify whether you plan on displaying the piece standing or hanging when you check out and I'll make sure it's ready for you to display upon receiving it.

Price: $85.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From: United States

Item Link:

Artist:  MiraCrafts

Title: FinalFantasy Chocobo - OOAK Posable Doll

Artists Description:  My version of a Chocobo - golden, yellow, majestic and super-cute!

Handsculpted, sewn and handpaintes OOAK-Posable Doll.
Full movable by a wirearmature.
Every feather is cutted and placed by hand
Absolute unique piece!
Size fitting for action figures!

Length: approx.30-35cm - 13inches
High: approx.30cm - 12inches
Length of the legs: approx.14cm - 5,5inches
Length of the tail: approx. 13,5cm - 5,4inches

NOT FOR CHILDREN! Please only for grown up adult "kids"! "

Price: $584.17 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Lübeck, Germany

Item Link:

Artist: VarsityBoardsLD

Title: Pokemon skateboard engraving - Pidgeot vs Gyarados

Artists Description: Illustration engraved on skateboard. Aquila vs Draco Constellations.
Wood grains will vary for each order. Purchase includes wall mounting equipment. Ships within 8 business days.

Price: $150.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Las Vegas, Nevada

Artist: JosephFells

Title: Super Sonic the Hedgehog 6x8 to fit 8x10 Gaming Art Print

Artists Description: My interpretation of Super Sonic the Hedgehog as he appears in the British Sonic the Comic (Fleetway) as a psychotic demon-like creature... He's ready to cause some havoc! This artwork was created entirely using digital painting techniques.

High quality inkjet print on thick matte paper. Print size is 6x8, with 1 inch boarder to fit an 8x10 frame/mat. Can be cropped to border-less if preferred to fit an 6x8 frame, please request at checkout in text box or message me via Etsy beforehand. :)

Prints will be posted in a hard backed envelope to keep them flat.

Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to SEGA.

Price: $14.53 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Beckenham, United Kingdom

Artist: DrawingsofHeroes

Title: Gengar - 8 x 10" print

Artist's Description: "Sometimes, on a dark night, your shadow thrown by a streetlight will suddenly and startlingly overtake you. It is actually a Gengar running past you, pretending to be your shadow."
- Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

An 8 x 10 inch print of an original conté and wax pencil drawing.

It is printed in rich black on smooth, acid free card stock.

This print is part of an ongoing Pokémon drawings series. It looks excellent framed and makes a wonderful gift for gamers and Pokémon fans.

This 8 x 10 inch (20.3 x 24.4cm) print is signed with the artist's red signature seal (on the back) and does not carry the "" watermark. Prints are cut by hand, so there may be tiny variations in size (± 0.2cm). Frame is recommended but not included.

It is printed with pure black toner using a Fuji Xerox 560 digital press. The print is produced on a smooth, acid free card stock that looks superb framed under many different lighting conditions.

Your print is shipped in a water resistant plastic sleeve packed into a rigid envelope.

Price: $15.27 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Canberra, Australia

Item Link:


Artist: MiraCrafts

Pokémon - Torchic OOAK Art-Doll

Artists Description: Unique tiny Torchic, completely handmade, sculpted and sewn by me!
No wire skeleton! Its not a posable doll

Every featherdetail is cutted by hand from stiffed felt and then painted.

His eyes are two iridiscence red glass cabochons.

The head and feet are handsculpted by me and handpainted with Citadel-Colors.


Cute, fuzzy and looking for a new home!

Length Beak to tailtip: ca.8cm
Standing height:ca. 11cm

Absolute UNIQUE! I craft every doll myself and use NO MOLDS! Every doll is unique!
so please: This is a artist-doll, only for adult "kids"!

Price: $62.13 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Lübeck, Germany

Artist: MiraCrafts

Title: Pokémon - Articuno Fledgling OOAK Art-Doll

Artists Description: Unique Articuno chick, completely handmade, sculpted and sewn by me!

No wire skeleton! Its not a posable doll

Every feather detail is cut by hand from stiffed felt and then painted.

His eyes are two iridescence red glass cabochons.

The head and feet are hand sculpted by me and hand painted with Citadel-Colors.


Cute, blue and looking for a new home!

Length Beak to tailtip: ca.26cm
Standing height:ca. 8cm

Absolute UNIQUE! I craft every doll myself and use NO MOLDS! Every doll is unique!

The claws are very sharp and can break off, the beak is very sharp to - so please: This is a artist-doll, only for adult "kids"!

$110.81 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Lübeck, Germany

Item Link:

Artist: KatieClarkArt

Title: Zombie Shy Guy - Original Acrylic Painting

Artist's Description: Look out! It's a zombie shy guy!! And he doesn't look very shy! :D
The painting itself is done with acrylics on a 5 x 7 canvas panel, and is protected with 2 coats of Kamar varnish. This Zombie Shyguy painting is mounted in a fun red and black frame, measuring approximately 7.5 x 10 inches.

Price: Painting only $60.00 usd plus shipping, Painting with frame in picture $85.00 usd plus shipping.

Ships From: Redmond, Washington.

Item Link:


Artist: petitesalu

Title: Real Ocarina inspired in The Legend of Zelda + Songbook Set

Artist's Description: Real Ocarina inspired in The Legend of Zelda + Songbook Set

This is a Legend of Zelda Ocarina replica made of ceramic and hand painted with a dark cobalt blue.

This handmade ocarina is a high-quality piece of art for all Legend of Zelda fans and what is best is that you can use it like an instrument because it is a flute!

Yes! The Ocarina is the perfect instrument to practice techniques and articulations, rhythms, speed development, precision, note transitions and different musical styles and you will be able to do these because it comes with an amazing songbook with 37 songs from The Legend of Zelda games: 1. Ocarina of Time INTRO, 2. Sun's song, 3. Kokiri forest, 4.Saria's song, 5. Termina field, 6. Minuet of forest, 7. Serenade of Water, 8. Bolero of Fire, 9. Song of Healing, 10. Song of Time, 11. Zelda's Lullaby, 12. The Market song, 13. Kakariko village, 14. Deku palace, 15. Epona's song (Lon Lon Ranch), 16. Koume and Kotaki, 17. The Great Fairy song, 18. Forest Haven, 19. Clocktown song, 20. Lakeside Laboratory, 21. Music Box House part 1, 22. Music Box House part 2, 23. Dragon Roost Island, 24. Pirate's Cove, 25. Evan's Room, 26. Sad Spirits, 27. Kaepora's song, 28. Bremen Mask March, 29. Crimea's Wagon, 30. Shop song, 31. Sonata of Awakening, 32. Prelude of Light, 33. Elegy of Emptiness, 34. Requiem of Spirit, 35. Ballad of Gales, 36. Gerudo Valley, 37. Song of Storms. + an extra double page of HOW TO USE YOUR OCARINA.

Our 12 hole ceramic Ocarina is not only the best Zelda's fan gift, it is a cute handmade instrument that can give you lot of fun.

Size: 6’’ in length and 3.5’’ depth.

This listing include:
- 1x Handmade ocarina
- 1x Songbook with 37 songs.

Price: $55.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From:
Besalú, Spain

Item Link:

Artist: JamesBit

Title: Mario Match

Artist's Description: Mario Match is a set of nine (9) gallery wrapped canvas prints that can be arranged and rearranged to your liking.

These giclée canvas prints are stretched over a sturdy wood frame and made with high-quality archival inks on fine art papers using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer. Protective spray coating is applied to the surface of each print to help prevent scratches and other damage. Ready to ship in 3-5 business days.

Price: Beggining at $200.00 usd plus shipping. (Dependant upon sizing)

Ships From:
New York, United States

Item Link:

Artist: TheBackPackShoppe

Title: Colorful Mario Question Mark Block Lamp - Nintendo root

Artist's Description: If Mario already lights up your life, why not give him a shot at the end table too?

Lamp is now open on the bottom to allow for a more stable overall design (no more opening and closing the lid to get the bulb out) and also allows for heat to escape.

Very colorful and unique lamp is made of a quarter inch poplar frame, colored translucent acrylic to give the center question mark a nice shine, and colored paper to add a bit of texture to the bricks on either side.

- Beautiful, large lamp 16.5" x 5.5" x 5.5"
- Energy efficient bulb included
- Long 15' cord capable of hanging the lamp
- Two openings for easy wall mounting on back of lamp

Perfect for a kid's room, as well as those who still think they are kids (which is very okay, I definitely have one of these over my desk). Ships fully assembled with one bulb in the US and Canada. For over seas purchases, its worth noting that the lamp has a North American outlet plug, so an adapter will be needed if you live in a region with different electrical standards.

Please only use fluorescent bulbs with the lamp, as standard incandescent bulbs create much much more heat, and can occasionally cause warping if the lamp is left on for an extended period of time.
Each lamp will be assembled and shipped within 3 to 5 business days. We make them all to order with buckets of love and care.

Price: $69.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Austin, Texas

Artist: KeekaProductions

Title: 12 x 24 inch original signed acrylic EARTHWORM JIM painting on raised canvas

Artist's Description: One of a kind 12 x 24 inch original signed acrylic EARTHWORM JIM painting on raised canvas with black painted gallery sides. Signed/dated by the artist in silver pen. Ready to hang.

100% of all proceeds from the sales of my art will go toward funding my upcoming feature film "The Black Pills" in the spring of 2015. Creating beautiful paintings is my way to fund raise to make my movie a reality while also giving the buyer something beautiful to hang on their wall or give to a loved one as a unique holiday gift!

Price: $219.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From:
United States

Item Link:


Artist: JamesBit

Pro Wrestling Character Portraits

Artist's Description: A winner is you. Select your favorite NES Pro Wrestling character. Each print is on archival quality canvas and stretched onto a sturdy wood frame, ready to hang. Select one or all of the following characters:

• King Slender
• The Amazon
• Star Man
• Giant Panther
• Fighter Hayabusa
• Kin Corn Karn

For more great items, continue to

Price: $25.00 usd each plus shipping

Ships From: New York, United States

Artist: TheArtofRavenwolf

Title: Q*BORG (Q*BERT) - Original Illustration

Artist's Description: Creatively drawn by Graven Ravenwolf, he shows you his love of all things Q*BERT!
Showcased on Strathmore Bristol 500 Series Paper.

This original mixed media illustration was created as a series of art for INKTOBER 2014

As a original it is sure to inspire your love of this gaming classic and make your friends a little jealous.

Size - 5.25 x 8.5 (8 x 10 Black Matte Border)

Tools - Prismacolor Markers, Graphite Pencils

Paper - Strathmore Bristol 500 Series Paper.

Price: $35.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Orlando, Florida

Item Link:

Artist: smushbox

Title: Earthbound - Mother 2 - acrylic paint 9" x 12"

Artist's Description: Earthbound characters with Mr. Saturn and Ramblin' Evil Mushroom!

9" x 12" x 1.5" wide on stretched canvas

coated for protection

finished edges, no framing necessary

Price: $120.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Hamtramck, Michiga

Artist: VincentArts

16 X 20 Magus from Chrono Trigger Original Painting

Artist's Description: This is an acrylic painting of Magus from the SNES classic Chrono Trigger. 16 X 20. I grew up loving RPG's and among them I love any game by Square Soft (now called Square Enix). Later when i learned to paint my inspiration was taken back to those times, and every time i look on the wall and see the painting it takes me back to those simple days.

Price: $50.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Fairfield, California.

Artist: DMoSan

Super Mario Bros. level 1 - 1 (Print)

Aritst's Description: Instantly recognizable to any true gamer, the classic first level of Super Mario Bros. brought to you in eight panels painted in sumi-e fashion! The artwork is styled in a mix of original old school 8-bit and Super Mario All-Stars.

Each of the 8 panels is a 8" x 6" print on Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper (matte). The originals were done by me with sumi ink on Xuan paper. Each of the 8 panels show my signature and seal which says my name. Each panel will be numbered for order on the back. Watermark is not on actual prints.

Prints will be mailed protected in a flat cardboard mailer using USPS Priority Mail to the US and First Class Mail for international. International orders will get a partial refund on shipping if there's a significant difference.

Thanks for looking!

$49.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From: United States

Item Link:

Artist: agrapedesign

Title: Art print - limited edition, Wariopug

Artist's Description: Awesome limited edition pug print with the video game character Wario as a pug.

Part of my Species of Pugs!

40 prints of each pug is available. They are numbered and signed on the back.

High quality print made on 250g fine paper with a large format Epson printer.

Size: 30x30cm (11.7 x 11,7 ")

The posters are delivered in sturdy cardboard tubes, to prevent them from bending.

Price: $47.64 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Norrtelje, Sweden

Item Link:

Artist: MyCKs

Zelda Japanese calligraphy art 4-Piece Set Link Ganon Zelda 8x10 PRINTS by Mycks

Artist's Description: This is a 4-piece set featuring the artwork we've done of Zelda game series.
If you would like to create your own custom set, please ask for a custom order :)

This set includes:
Samurai Ganondorf with ONI (Devil/Demon)
Pirate Link with HIKARI (Light)
Samurai Link with YU (Courage)
Samurai Zelda with CHI (Wisdom)

The original calligraphy painting was done in SUMI ink and watercolor.

The print is printed on a textured quality watercolor paper for a more natural feel and look.

MEDIUM: A PRINT on cold-pressed watercolor paper

SIZE: 8 inches x 10 inches

It will be shipped inside a clear polypropylene cover with a hard backing to prevent bending.

Price: $35.00 usd plus shipping

Ships From: Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Item Link:

That concludes Part 1 of Retro Gaming Art of Etsy. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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